Welcome! This area is currently under construction while I incorporate some new features. I'm currently working through the JavaScripts's jQuery/ajax Promises features to allow me to load multiple objects onto the map for this storyboard. Once I finish up with the new code this section should start rolling. Also, I've done some additional work with this API while at a reaserch lab that had agreement contracts with Google to use their data. I'm excited to be able to add all that extra work in here soon and on my Blog so stay tuned. (Expected completion: Winter 2017)


As part of a planning studio, our team of 7 masters student was tasked with creating a development plan for Mumbai's 1600 acre eastern waterfront within the course of a single semester. However we found that Mumbai was a case in which finding GIS data can be hard to come by. Part of our planning process started with gathering an inventory of the existing community assets. I decided to use the Google Places API tool to help get an idea of the community assets inventory for my graduate studio.

The Google Places API can quickly search a few areas and grab results for high schools, churches/mosques/temples, and hospitals. Using the API I was able to quickly assemble and inventory of community resources which were used to evaluate areas of deficiency and strength for future planning.